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How We Plan Your Day

Once a date has been agreed upon, we will send you a draft copy of a very basic ritual to help give you some ideas of how the ceremony could proceed.  This is just a framework and you can add to it, change it, or use something entirely different should you be so moved.  We focus on giving you the day you dream of so we want you to be completely happy with the ceremony that we help you put together.

We do like to meet couples beforehand, wherever possible, preferably at the chosen venue, so that we can talk through the ceremony and hold a run through of the day, though we appreciate sometimes time and costs can prevent this.  Don't worry if this is the case - we have held ceremonies for many people we have only met on the day and are very experienced in the best way to ensure the day runs smoothly for you.

On the day we will arrive an hour beforehand to ensure that everything is in place.  During the ceremony we ensure that all guests can follow what is happening and will explain any symbolism used, so that each of your guests can feel truly involved in your special day.

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