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Buying a Broom

Do not buy from a witchy shop - your local garden centre will have one for a few quid.  Decorate it with ribbons if you want to.

Telling Guests

If you are nervous about using the term 'handfasting' a good option can be to simply call it a 'wedding blessing'.  Guests will often have many questions, such as what to wear, what to expect, etc.  It can help to include a brief explanation and dress code with your invitations.

Choosing a Venue

The world really is your oyster when it comes to venues.  We can help you to approach land owners/venues if you are unsure as to whether they will be receptive to a wedding being held on the premises.  I can also advise with regard to insurance and other requirements (some councils demand this if you choose to use a council-owned park, etc.)  Bear in mind the accessiblity needs of your guests, and of course, the bride in all her finery.

Do We Have to Have Cakes & Wine?

The sharing of food and drink with guests and each other is an important symbolic moment.  Cakes & Wine is the traditional name for this part of the ceremony but you can use any form of food that you like.  For Anglo Saxon based ceremonies bread and ale is a popular alternative, and mead has traditionally been associated with weddings for centuries.
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